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Metastatic Breast Cancer Research: Past, Present, and Future - Shared screen with speaker view
Gina Chicotel
Here is the link to the research information on Komen's website - https://ww5.komen.org/ResearchGrants/FundedResearchGrants/
Jessi Hinz
Yes! I’ve participated in the Casting for Recovery program :) Wonderful wonderful program!
Gina Chicotel
Friendly reminder - if you have any questions for Dr. Hayes, please enter them here!
Sandra Scafaria
I have a number of contacts that have survived mbc for much longer than the 3 year survival rate. What do you think may the factors that contributed to a longer survival rate?
Jessi Hinz
How far away do you think we are from seeing immunotherapy for other types of metastatic breast cancers?
Connie Morris
UM Alum! :) How important is a healthy lifestyle and do statistics consider diet and exercise?
Kate Watson
Do these all of these types of existing drugs work equally as well in men with breast cancer? We can’t forget that this isn’t just a womens disease.
Jessi Hinz
With the introduction of drugs like leupron, are there instances where you would still recommend a patient remove their ovaries?