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EXPERT PANEL::Is Digital Marketing the Saviour for raising AuM?
Is your marketing core to your asset raising? Does it form part of your sales process?

For most managers that we work with marketing is an operational activity. But some have understood that it is a bit more than that. Making marketing core to the asset raising process and making marketing a strategic choice has moved the needle for a number of fund managers. And for others, it is the saviour.

Join Jeb Altonaga, Stefan Nilsson and Paul Das on the 26th of May at 9 am EDT/2 pm BST when he will be looking at the art of the possible when it comes to digital marketing for funds. Topics we will be discussing will include:

• Digital vs Traditional Asset Raising
• Tactical vs Strategic Marketing
• Marketing and Sales Alignment
• The Internal Marketing Process

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Paul Das
Founder and Managing Director @ProFundCom
Paul is the Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom. Starting in 2003, Paul wanted to fulfil a vision to provide digital engagement analytics that would directly benefit sales and marketing processes in financial institutions. This has led to ProFundCom being totally focused on helping the financial services industry use digital marketing to raise AuM. 20 years later, Paul and his team have successfully built the leading digital marketing platform for finance that brings all elements of digital activity – email, web and social media – into one place. Paul remains extremely hands-on with heading up the product and client teams and he is also responsible for setting and managing company strategy in conjunction with the executive board. Paul has a first-class pedigree in software from working at AT&T, Microsoft and Apple, both in the UK and the USA and holds a first-class degree in Engineering. Paul has recently authored the book “Marketing to the Invisible Investor"
Jeb J. Altonaga
Managing Partner @Clearglass Capital Partners
Jeb recently re-launched Clearglass Capital Partners a placement agent firm after leaving as COO and Head of Distribution at Sandon Capital. Previously as a partner and COO of PINYIN Capital Hong Kong, director of the Investment Manager and Cayman Funds, while serving as Chair to the Valuation and Operating Committees. Jeb’s responsibility is for day-to-day oversight of key business functions including distribution, investor relations, marketing, vendor relationships, technology, operations, and risk analysis. Before moving over Jeb was SVP, Head of Asia-Pacific for Northern Trust Hedge Funds Services (NTHFS) purchased from Citadel Investment Group.
Stefan Nilsson
Founder @Hedge Funds Club
Stefan started his career in alternative investments in London and relocated to Tokyo in 2004. In 2005, he founded the Hedge Funds Club, Asia’s leading network of hedge fund managers and investors with regular events in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. During his career, he has worked in asset management and prime brokerage at investment banks JP Morgan and Bear Stearns. Stefan has also worked with many small and large hedge funds and other alternative investment funds across the world. He is currently Co-Chief Investment Officer of Terrasias Capital, a Tokyo-based single-family office, and CEO of HFC Advisory Group. MBA from University of Leicester. He has lectured about capital raising at Henley Business School and the University of Hong Kong.