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Road2Return: Decriminalizing Family Unity
JOIN US for the third live chat of The Rhizome Center for Migrants' Road to Return series where we will explore the criminalization of family unity, border crossing and solutions for those who have been punished for attempting to return to their home.

The Obama Administration’s gambit to detain and prosecute migrants at the border created a generation of migrants who have been permanently exiled for repeated illegal reentries. Many of those “repeat offenders” have spouses, children, and other strong ties to the United States they are trying to get back to.

President Biden’s January 2021 statements on his guiding principles for immigration reform focused on family unification and unity. The experience of those barred from entering the United States for attempting to reunite their families deserves further consideration. Despite often having potential pathways to adjust status, bars and inadmissibility continue to keep families apart. Removing these barriers would address the harms of prior policy and extend family unity as a right to all.

Experts in the the struggle for migrant and human rights will join us alongside impacted community.

May 26, 2021 02:00 PM in Mexico City

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