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PCH Consumer Insights: How Industry Leading Engagement Provides the Winning Combination of Accurate Data from Real People
If you've ever daydreamed about Publishers Clearing House coming to your house with a giant check and balloons, you're not alone! But beyond their famous sweepstakes, they have some of the most robust market research and consumer insights around. With third party cookies becoming less reliable for CPGs (consumer packaged goods) & retail brands, they shift to a first-party data focused strategy. As a welcomed brand for almost 70 years, Publishers Clearing House has deep experience in the collection and use of first party consumer insights.

Join Smriti Sharma, Assistant Vice President, Head of Consumer Insights at Publishers Clearing House and Pam Erlichman, Chief Evangelist Officer at Jebbit, for a webinar on how to effectively engage a digital audience with experiences that will get results. By attending this webinar, you will equip yourself with knowledge on first-party data strategies that have stood the test of time.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

- How Publishers Clearing Houses achieves a 75% completion rate on their surveys
- Knowledge on the insights gathered from Publishers Clearing - House consumer surveys
- Strategies for successfully engaging your audience through digital experiences and collecting first-party data


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Smriti Sharma
Assistant Vice President, Head of Consumer Insights @Publishers Clearing House
Pam Erlichman
Chief Evangelist Officer @Jebbit