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Assembly and Packaging of Photonic Integrated Circuits: A Modular Concept Towards a Fully Automated Process
Part one: Modular Machine Plat Form Enables Breakthrough In Photonics Assembly Speed
The cost of photonic components is dominated by assembly and packaging processes. This is a drag on adoption at a time when rapid global scaling of connectivity is required. To break this chicken and the egg problem a fast, accurate and cost effective solution for the assembly of photonic products must be found. TEGEMA has developed a configurable machine platform focusing on the assembly of photonic devices, which shows in its potential a roughly ten times higher throughput than with currently available solutions. The already proven systems from PI form the heart of our automated photonics assembly platform concepts where modules are added for further automation of the required assembly steps.

Part two: Inside the Solution: Intelligent Micro-Robotics for High Throughput Photonics Manufacturing Automation
Precise alignment of individual elements of photonic integrated circuits (PIC), like glass fibers or arrays, chips, VCSELs, lenses, diffractive elements or photodiodes, is required in multiple manufacturing and test steps during their production. Commencing with probing devices while they are still on the wafer, the alignments must be repeated through final packaging and multiple intermediate test and assembly steps in between. Thus alignment has heavily dominated production costs of PICs.
Intelligent micro-robotic technology now enables alignments of multiple elements in multiple degrees-of-freedom in as few as one quick step. The technology already dominates optical wafer probing and is fab-proven. We will discuss this technology and its applications.
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Scott Jordan
Head of the photonics market segment @Physik Instrumente
Scott Jordan is Head of Photonics for PI and a PI Fellow. A physicist, with an MBA in Finance/New Ventures, he has multiple contributions to positioning and optimization technologies.
Sander Dorrestein
Senior micro optics and electronics assembly engineer @CITC
Sander Dorrestein, senior micro optics and electronics assembly engineer at CITC. During his career he has held multiple positions at high tech companies such as Philips, Amada, TE Connectivity, TEGEMA and CITC where he continuously develops micro assembly processes in the field of microelectronics and micro optics. His passion for micro assembly technologies yielded to several innovative processes which are currently running in mass production environment. He has contributed to several academic papers and holds multiple patents on assembly technologies.
Arno Thoer
Project Solutions Director @Tegema
Arno Thoer is Project solutions director at Tegema. He is an experienced technical professional working 15+ years in the machine building industry. His experience is in specifying and designing complex automated machines, where product-handling is essential combined with several different micro joining solutions like dispensing, laser welding & marking, resistance welding and hot bar technology.