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Building Inclusion Across Dispersed Teams


May 7, 2020 11:41 AM

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Kari Heistad
CEO @Culture Coach International
Kari Heistad’s work as CEO of Culture Coach International (CCI) focuses on helping organization to solve the teamwork issues that arise from diverse and multicultural teams. Kari's approach with CCI's clients is both practical and strategic in nature, aligning the work to help achieve organizational goals. The CCI team has worked across a wide range of industries including healthcare, government and the public and private sector in the USA, Greece and Ireland. In January 2017, Kari founded Diversity Dashboard, an online project management system custom-designed for diversity leaders to help them track their activities, measure their results and report on the return on investment. The Dashboard team is focused on providing diversity professionals with a software that helps them to expand their impact through timely metrics in a quick and easy to use format.
Al Durr
President @AlD & Associates
Alfranda “Al” Durr is responsible for leading ALD & Associates LLC strategic vision, creating new business opportunities, and managing key client relationships. Al is a Certified Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner, Human Resource Manager and Mentor with experience working with federal, department of defense and state programs. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Quality Systems Management from the National Graduate School along with Diversity and Inclusion Certifications from Cornell and Georgetown Universities. Mr. Durr is a Coach, Teacher, Inspirator and Mentor to many and is a frequent speaker at conferences and leadership forums.