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FIP-UNITWIN Global Summit on Pharmaceutical Education
In October-2021, FIP-UNITWIN Regional Workshops brought FIP’s member academic institutions, professional organisations, key pharmacy stakeholders and guests across all regions together to co-create a roadmap to advance pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences in their region through educational partnerships. At the FIP-UNITWIN Global Summit on pharmaceutical education, participants will;

1. Learn about their regions’ roadmap on advancing pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences education;
2. Explore FIP’s global call to action on pharmaceutical education to support it across their regions and countries;
3. Discover country cases and next steps of the FIP-UNITWIN Centres for Excellence programme

-Catherine Duggan, FIP CEO
-Ralph J. Altiere, FIPEd Chair

-Dominique Jordan, FIP President
-Luis Lorenco, FIP Professional Secretary
-Giovanni Pauletti, FIP Scientific Secretary
-Pierre Moreau, FIP AIM Chair

-Anne Anderson Vice Chair, UK National Commission for UNESCO
-Toyin Tofade, President-Elect of the FIP Academic Pharmacy Section (AcPS) & FIP AIM Advisory Committee Member
-Silvana Nair Leite, FIP AIM Advisory Committee member
-Lilian Azzopardi, AIM Advisory Committee member
-Aukje Mantel-Teeuwisse,FIP Digital Health in Pharmacy Education Report Chair, FIP Technology Forum Member, FIP APS Executive Committee Member
-Beom-Jin Lee, AIM Advisory Committee member
-Rajani Shakya, AIM Advisory Committee member
-Mohamad Rahal, AIM Advisory Committee member
-Rula Darwish, Academic Pharmacy Section Exco
-Paul J. Gallagher, AIM Advisory Committee member
-Mwila Chiluba, AIM Advisory Committee member
-Yahya Choonara, AIM Advisory Committee member
-Arinola Joda, Asst. Secretary/Editor in Chief, APF

-Nilhan Uzman, FIP Lead for education policy and implementation
-Ozge Ozer, FIP Educational Partnership Coordinator
-Alison Ubong Etukakpan, FIP Educational Partnership Coordinator
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