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Webinar - Modelling tools: How to quantify your energy - climate pathways?
Case-study on African countries reconciliating development and energy transition

All entities are facing their development targets while tackling energy and climate challenges. Whether it is to measure the Return on Investment of an energy project, or to quantify the impact of energy and climate policies, companies and governments need reliable and up-to-date long-term projections by energy source, by country, and by sector.

Our experts will be detailing available model types with a particular focus on POLES (Prospective Outlook on Long-term Energy Systems). Then, they will dive into a case-study on Africa:
• reconciling economic and social development with climate action
• evaluating the role of clean energy transition in energy security improvement and energy poverty decline

Join our webinar to get the answers to the following questions:
• Which model for each use?
• Why use a multi-scenario tool and sensitivity study?
• What are the key features for a scenario to be robust?
• How to adapt scenarios to national or regional level?

The Enerdata Research Department

Jan 31, 2023 11:00 AM in Paris

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Aurélien PEFFEN
Project Manager @Enerdata
Quentin BCHINI
Energy Modelling Expert @Enerdata