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Internet of Medical Thing's (IoMT’s) Role in Overcoming a Disrupted Life-Sciences Reality - A "Straight from the Source" Webinar Presented by PTC


May 19, 2020 09:06 AM

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Rene Zoelfl
Chairman, PTC Advisory Council for Medical Devices @PTC
Rene Zoelfl joined PTC in October 2010. His experience in life sciences includes helping companies transform into agile enterprises through Industrie 4.0 & digitization. He is qualified as a Certified Professional for Medical Software and has built up the life science practice at PTC Germany. Based on his experience he has a deep understanding on how new technologies support digital transformation and how companies benefit from digitization in different process areas and how regulations impact this journey. As chair of the PTC Health Care Executive Advisory Council Rene organizes and runs joint workshops with the council members and PTC Executives on industry topics and requirements. Prior to PTC Rene held several positions in Consulting, Portfolio Management, and Marketing at Siemens.
Daniel R. Matlis
President @Axendia Inc.
Dan has almost three decades of industry experience spanning the Health-Science value chain. He has been an active member in FDA’s Case for Quality Initiative since 2014 and has presented Axendia’s research findings to industry executives and the FDA officials. He is a frequent lecturer at Industry events and has published numerous research reports and articles on key issues facing the Life-Sciences and Healthcare industries.