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Live-Paint Webinar - TUESDAY MAY 19TH 2:30PM (UK time)
Join our live webinar every Tuesday. A great way to unwind, relax and learn new skills at home.

This week we'll be creating a 'lockdown' gift using metalwork embossing with Toni Peers, a professional arts & crafts teacher, who will take you through the steps of converting you foil tray or metal sheet into a work of art in 45min! See the picture of what yours could look like!

As an attendee, your video & audio is not activated. However, you will have the opportunity of asking questions to Helga should you wish. You can choose to paint along (recommended) or simply watch how she does it in real-time.

If you do want to emboss along, the things you'll need are:

• Two different surfaces to work on
i) Soft surface – e.g. foam mat, or 5 sheets of paper
ii) Hard surface e.g. hard table mat, cutting mat, mount board
• Metal sheet e.g. Foil tray (takeaway carton, disposable roasting tin, or ready meal container) – you can also very carefully cut open an aluminium drinks can. Or Tin foil.
• Rolling pin to flatten out metal
• Pencil (HB), sharpener and ruler
• Biro. You could also use a thin knitting needle or a thin paint brush something with a point.
• Paper stump or cotton buds to flatten surface
• Paper to sketch design
• Scissors
• Kitchen towel
• Black acrylic paint OR Coloured permanent pens
• Nail varnish remover

• Embossing tools – e.g. ball ended tool
• Clay tools if you have them to create impressions

ABOUT TONI PEERS - See speakers summary below.

We look forward to seeing yo then!

May 19, 2020 02:30 PM in London

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