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The Low-Code Café | Weekly Community Work Session
Join the low-code community in our weekly webinar & work session. We will be sharing ideas on low-code, product updates and even building mini-apps together with the Plant an App team.

Why attend?
• Gain new insights on low-code & technology
• Watch & learn how to build business apps with the help of low-code platforms
• Get the latest updates and sneak previews of Plant an App
• Get support for Plant an App directly from the product development team
• Meet & connect with low-code enthusiasts & great people such as yourself

Plant an App is the only low-code platform that enables entire teams to start working from day 1, accelerating enterprise app delivery by 20 times compared to traditional development.
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Bogdan Litescu
CEO & Founder @Plant an App
Bogdan Litescu, CEO Of Plant an App. Bogdan has been a tech entrepreneur for 15 years, growing multiple startups from ground zero to market leading positions. At every work session, Bogdan will be assisted by select members of the Product Development team.