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Brain Based Care Plans Based On What Is BEST For The Patient
I speak to a lot of docs who say they are brain based. They know the research, they know the power of the adjustment on the brain, they know the cause of disease being the inability for the brain and nervous system to adapt to and recover from stress, they even know how long it takes to change brain patterns. BUT when I ask them about their care plans I get everything from "I don't really do care plans I just tell the patient let's see them a few times and see how it is going" to " one month".

Then in addition when I ask them what they base their care plans on they usually don't know. " Just what I was taught" or "just what I have always done". Some more brave docs will even admit " I need the money so I don't want them to leave that is why I take is day by day" or " I am afraid they will think I am nuts to tell them have to come in for months" or " I base it on what their insurance will pay or what I think they can afford".

In this masterclass Dr. Clint will discuss:

1) The ideal care plan length and frequency when it comes to brain based chiropractic care based on science.

2) The why behind the care plan

3) How to overcome fears around an ideal care plan

4) And how to get patients to not only accept these ideal care plans but pay for them and in many cases actually pay in advance.

All that and more.

Dec 9, 2021 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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