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Technical innovations for improved safety and reliability on base metal furnaces
Tenova Pyromet has a long history of designing and supplying electric smelting, slag cleaning and matte settling furnaces and equipment to the base metals industry. Based on ongoing client feedback, Tenova Pyromet has developed a number of innovative solutions to improve both the safety and reliability of key furnace areas. Tenova’s Söderberg electrode column design has been adapted for base metal furnace applications, reducing the need for water cooling above the furnace roof to improve safety and reduce maintenance due to water leaks. Significant work has been done over the years to develop sidewall copper cooling systems, including our MAXICOOL® intensive copper coolers, to improve furnace campaign life. Currently work is being done on alternative cooling mediums to improve safety. Finally, the Tenova NovaLance™ has been developed to improve Top Submerged Lance furnace availability by preventing lance bending. The paper discuss these developments and review performance on existing applications.

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Hugo Joubert
Tenova Pyromet Manager: Base Metals & Copper Products @Tenova Pyromet
Hugo Joubert is a Mechanical Engineer with over 26 years furnace and smelter design experience. Working in numerous roles in production, technical development, business development and management, he specialises in furnace equipment design and solution development. He started his career as a plant engineer on iron blast furnaces in South Africa and completed his Masters degree part time on furnace lining/cooling system design. He first joined Tenova Pyromet in 1998 as a Design Engineer. His experience includes electric furnace as well as top submerged lance furnace technology.