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Leadership Essentials: Building Your Team
If you want to learn how to build an unstoppable team, become a better leader, and ultimately crush your goals for the new year, join us for this free webinar.

In it, you'll learn the importance of:
- Casting Your Company Vision
- Understanding Your Strengths
- Developing Your Leadership Style
- Hiring Key Contributors First
- Empowering Others


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Lucas Mitchell
Co-Founder, Managing Partner @Nourish & Sow
As a multi-location business operator for over a decade, Lucas has a long history of creating sustainable business infrastructure out of complex systems. He earned his stripes as the co-founder and operating partner of a 25-location business with over 500 employees in multiple states. His experience in franchising gave him direct insight into how large companies utilize systems. By pulling the best practices from those systems, Lucas is able to scale them to suit businesses of any size.