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Wondering if You or Your Clients Need to File an FBAR?
International tax experts Virginia La Torre Jeker, J.D. (www.us-tax.org) and Jimmy Sexton, LL.M. (www.esquiregroup.com) make FBAR matters simple in this cost-effective live online training session.

Whether you are preparing your own FBARs or those of your clients, the truth is that some FBAR situations are simple and others are not. Learn everything you need to know to untangle FBAR matters. Expand your client base! Don’t lose potential clients because you do not fully understand FBAR.

You will learn:

- Who needs to file
- What needs to be reported (you’d be surprised! Foreign pensions? Virtual currency accounts?)
- What to do with children’s foreign financial accounts
- Complications of joint accounts with foreign spouses (including when a nonresident alien spouse elects to be treated as US resident)
- FBAR complexities when residing in community property jurisdictions
- Treaty tie-breaker claims
- Delinquent FBARs & their fixes
- Delinquent FBARs & expatriation
- New laws giving IRS greater access to foreign account information
- And much more!

We will also host a live Q&A session and provide our helpful FBAR filing flowchart.

We have worked together on numerous tax and FBAR cases. FBAR enforcement has become high stakes for those failing to file or making mistakes or omissions. Unfortunately, penalties are extreme, especially today as the IRS is on the hunt for improperly reported offshore accounts. The fact that the IRS is hard pressed for money due to COVID-19 doesn’t help matters.

Our talks with clients and tax advisors reveal that many are uninformed and unprepared for handling FBAR matters – a matter that we believe has been made overly scary and overly complicated. We know that not everyone can afford top level tax advice, and the reality is, not everyone needs it, which is why we put together this course.

The training session is 1:15 with a 0:30 Q&A.

Mar 16, 2021 07:00 PM in Dubai

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This presentation was prepared for educational purposes only. This presentation is not legal or tax advice, nor is it to be construed as such. Each individual’s circumstances are different, you should seek legal and/or tax advice to address any specific questions you may have.