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Short Story Fest - Sunday Children's Book Talk
The Sunday Short Story Fest Book Talk features R. L. Clark, author of Anthony: A Day of Toys, and writing duo Steve and Dawn Woodburn, co-authors of Marvelous Moosey Adventures.

Anthony: A Day of Toys (book series)

Anthony: A Day of Toys is a fun story about a boy named Anthony who loves his toys so much that he has a hard time parting with them. Toys are his life until one day Anthony learns that there's a time and place for his toys, and sometimes even in the most unexpected places he can enjoy a day of toys.

You and your child will enjoy Anthony: A Day of Toys, a tale that shows children that there's a time and place to play and learn. Children may not always get what they want, but sometimes during the most unexpected moments things can change for the better.

Have You Ever Seen a Moose With Blue Hooves?

Steve and Dawn Woodburn will discuss how they came up with the idea and the reasons behind a moose with blue hooves. There's a whole lot of thought that goes into creating a new brand, especially a top brand that is filled with both large and small companies,. They intentionally created Moosey with blue hooves to be unique. Why be like everyone else. Be you. Be yourself because it's your differences that make each and every one of us unique and marvelous. They will talk about writing the book and making the packaging, his Moosecase® interactive so it's not just a throwaway. They will also touch on the second book they're in the midst of editing and illustrating and all the new characters they've created that are also unique and marvelous.


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