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Zero Means Zero: Adopting ZTNA for the Hybrid Office Era
While some still consider "Zero Trust" to be a buzzword, many organizations are fully embracing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to protect their systems and lock down remote access as efficiently as possible. The ZTNA approach can be distilled down quite simply to "never trust, always verify." This means users and devices can no longer be trusted implicitly or given the keys to the kingdom, even if they were trusted in the past.

Zero (trust) means zero. No trust allowed anywhere. And in a world where hackers consistently devise brilliant new ways to penetrate defenses, ZTNA has quickly become the only approach that allows IT decision-makers to sleep at night.

As we approach the fourth quarter of 2022, Zero Trust remains a huge area of focus for companies and organizations everywhere. Work-from-home mandates may have been lifted, but now organizations must support a new hybrid "work from anywhere" arrangement, and IT teams are placing top priority on sourcing solutions that secure this so-called new normal.

This session will provide you with valuable food for thought, whether you’re actively pursuing ZTNA or just want to learn a bit more about it. Following the discussion, you will have an opportunity to pose any questions you may have about ZTNA or security in general.

Brennen Schmidt, a Security Author, will lead the discussion along with Rafi Wanounou, an information security professional with Fortinet, around how companies can protect their customers and grow their business with ZTNA.


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