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"The Future of Gas" - DAY TWO: Markets and Renewable Gases

09:00 - 10:30 - SESSION THREE – Competitive Gas Markets

Europe’s mature, competitive and liquid gas market is facing a gradual decline. It will likely help bridge the shift from coal-fired power to renewables, but recent policy decisions to end subsidies and priority status for fossil fuel infrastructure means the market will not grow much more. A carbon border adjustment mechanism will aim to bring other countries in line with Europe’s decarbonisation direction.

As large gas buyers, China and Europe have significant scope to cooperate, particularly in reducing emissions from LNG and setting principles for green gas.

• Walter Boltz, Senior Advisor European Energy, WALTER BOLTZ CONSULTING
• Dr. Jinsok Sung, Expert, Asian Gas and LNG Market, research professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
• Kasper Walet, Managing Director, Maycroft
• Moderator: Matthew James

10:45 - 12:15 - SESSION 4: RENEWABLE GASES

Aiming to answer the question where do we stand – zooming out – on a journey from natural gas markets being replaced with renewable gases? Be it hydrogen, and/or biomethane and/or PtoX such as e-methane. The panel will use the experience we see in Europe to recap panel perspectives for what elements of that experience are globally transportable and transposable. What are the present impediments to deploy renewable gases at scale, and to create a global tradable market similar to LNG-markets? Through 3 lenses – technological, economical and regulatory/policy. We will share the view from industry (e.g. CEFIC takes part) and other expert actor views. We start with views of panelists, followed by Q&A:

• Joachim von Scheele, Global Director Commercialisation, Linde
• Ningke Peng, Biomethane Lead, SNAM CHINA
• Jan Braun - Senior Expert Hydrogen Economy (MENA Region) at Fraunhofer
• Nicola Rega – Energy Director, CEFIC
• Moderator: Erik Rakhou, Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group

Sep 22, 2022 09:00 AM in Amsterdam

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