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Meet Ponga Webinar Series — Photo Discovery with Lisa Lisson
This family history webinar features Lisa Lisson, author, genealogy researcher, and founder at Are You, My Cousin? as our very special guest.

Bring a photo or two and discover details through social history strategies and resources to help identify family members and answer questions like:

• Why is it important to identify the approximate age of a photograph?
• How do I start identifying details in a photo, and when and where to get help?
• What types of social history should I look for?
• What about documents and notes, and where do I store them?

Don't forget every webinar attendee will receive a gift and a Ponga discount.

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Lisa Lisson
Genealogist, author, speaker, and founder of Are You My Cousin? @AreYouMyCousin?
Lisa Lisson is the genealogy expert behind Are You My Cousin?, a website designed to help genealogy researchers around the world grow their family trees without the overwhelm. Through hundreds of genealogy articles, YouTube videos and international speaking opportunities, Lisa shares research strategies and how-to genealogy tutorials. Callisto Media recently published her latest book 100 Questions for Grandma.
Barbara Tien
Ponga Co-founder & Webinar Host @Ponga
Barbara is a co-founder at Ponga where she manages customer and product experiences. After a 30-year career in technology startups, her personal collection of family photos she’d collected triggered an interest in family history, stories, and photographs. That interest, the discovery of common interest among her fellow co-founders led to the founding of Ponga.