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After COVID-19: Ten Ways Work has Changed Forever
After COVID-19: Ten Ways Work Has Changed Forever


May 14, 2020 03:05 PM

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My Holland
CEO & Founder @EQuest Asia
My Holland, CEO and founder of EQuest Asia, specializes in Emotional Intelligence, Neuroleadership, Positive Psychology, and Mental Toughness. She is a catalyst for positive changes and focuses on transformational and human leadership, and spends her time speaking at international conferences, writing, coaching and consulting. She has made her mark as one of the top EQ leaders in both Australia and Vietnam and has clients from all around the world.
Joan Tercero
Head of Human Resources @POPS Worldwide
Joan is a strategic Human Resources professional with more than 10 years combined experience in the field of Talent Acquisition and HR Leadership. She is partner for organization leaders and stakeholders to design and implement HR programs that support in achieving business goals, and champions employee experience as an organization strategy in acquiring and retaining talents.
Pawel Gorski
Co-Founder, Managing Director @EveHR
Pawel is the co-founder and Managing Director of EveHR. Here, he helping companies to improve employee retention and engagement. Pawel is a purpose-driven, people-oriented, and highly networked individual with 10 years of experience in leading teams in commercial and non-profit organizations. He's passionate about partnership/customer development, marketing, corporate brand building, leadership, coaching, and training.