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Finding Safe, Opportunistic Investments in Times of Turmoil
First Lien Investment GP LLC, a division of Spurs Capital LLC, is proud to present this two-part web series related to the mortgage lending industry, seasoned whole loan investments, and opportunities in purchasing distressed debt (NPL) in 2020. Part 1 of the series will focus on the state of the industry since the start of the pandemic earlier this year and Part 2 will address the future of real estate lending and opportunities on the horizon. Moderated by Bill Bymel, a front line mortgage investment manager and Amazon best-selling author of WIN WIN REVOLUTION, each episode will offer interviews with active industry experts, visual presentations, and the latest data that will inform and educate you on the real estate mortgage industry, both as an investment class and bell weather for the greater economy. This series will also offer an extended Q & A session where attendees can ask questions on the fly and get up-to-the-minute perspective from investors, analysts, and service providers to residential real estate and the mortgage lending and servicing business. Whether you are an LP investor considering allocation to private debt strategies or if you already have made an investment in real estate debt and are considering your options going forward, this series should provide valuable insight into the state of residential and commercial real estate markets as well as words of caution as you look to navigate the asset class in a post-Covid environment. For service providers and managers of real estate or mortgage assets, this series will provide perspective from established leaders in mortgage investing, real estate, and the non-performing loan arena.

Episode 1: The Impact of US Government Intervention on Mortgage Servicing and Real Estate Capital Markets
Tuesday, September 1st , 12pm ET

Episode 2: Rising Defaults create Opportunity for Distressed Debt Buyers
Thursday, September 15th , 12pm ET
Sep 1, 2020 12:00 PM
Sep 15, 2020 12:00 PM
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Bill Bymel
Co-Founder & President @First Lien & Spurs Capital
With 18 years of real estate experience, Bill is known as a pioneer in distressed residential mortgage investment by creating a new paradigm for managing delinquent borrowers. His strategies and experiences overseeing the resolution of hundreds of millions of NPL since 2009 are illustrated in Bill’s book WIN WIN REVOLUTION: An Insider’s Guide to Investing in the Secondary Mortgage Market. Mr. Bymel invested in, managed, and brokered all classes of real estate as well as providing mortgage servicing consultation for major institutions and private equity partners. He is a partner in Retail Sites International, a four-decade-old commercial real estate brokerage specializing in site selection for national retail tenants. Bymel is a Managing Director at Spurs Capital LLC, an investment management firm focusing on distressed mortgage loans and real estate. As Vice President, Bymel built an asset management team responsible for $1 Billion in equity investments.
Kai Tsukiyama
Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager @Spurs Capital LLC
Kai Tsukiyama has been in the mortgage and real estate finance industry since 2002, specializing in real estate acquisition-disposition, financing, origination, investment, and management. Over his past 12 years as a distressed asset portfolio manager, Kai has overseen several multi-million dollar platforms within two of the more affluent capital management firms in his industry. His primary focus for more than half of his career has revolved around the management of residential NPL portfolios. He brings his professionalism, attention to detail, and experience to an industry laden with inefficiency. Kai currently serves as Senior Vice President & Portfolio Manager at Spurs Capital LLC and resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife and two teenage children.
Harris Howard
Attorney @Howard Law Group
Harris Howard is the founder and managing partner of Howard Law Group, a real estate law firm in south Florida. We represent servicers and investors in the default mortgage space including, mortgage foreclosure litigation (contested and uncontested), bankruptcy, eviction and REO closings throughout the state of Florida. Howard Law Group is proud to have a heavy focus on lawyer to client communication and quick and efficient legal results whether through litigation or settlement.