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Digital Week Slot 8 - Human and Machine Team Performance by Design
Executive School Webinar Week, Slot 8 with Chantelle Brandt Larsen and Laurent Lefouet

The ramp up of projects with humans and machines has increased, companies need to manage waste to control costs, push more into white collar augmentation and or look at new products at revenue streams. However, with increased technology comes increased failure. Gartner predicts an 85% failure rate of AI projects by 2022 (Gartner 2018). Where are we going wrong, well 45% of overspend is on inadequate human adoption (Prakken 2000). Even the most advanced science is on emulating the human, or understanding the importance of human traits like Trust. Ultimately, humans and machines will co-exist, but how to perform. The answer is to design for human-led change and augmented team performance.

The online session is part of the Executive School's Digital Week 2021. Check out our other sessions here: https://www.es.unisg.ch/en/page/executive-school-webinar-week
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