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How To Choose The Right Energy-Solution Provider For Your Hotel To Be More Sustainable?
It should come as no surprise that energy costs are the second-highest expense in the hospitality industry, after workers. Electricity accounts for 60-70% of a typical hotel's electricity costs and accounts for about 6% of overall operating costs. The irony is that, until recently, hotels, resorts, and casinos lacked the data and technologies required to significantly reduce their energy consumption. That is no longer the case, as the hospitality industry has entered a new age of energy and organizational efficiencies.

In recent times, some hotels might not have the budget but still want to make the move to a more sustainable direction. Reducing your energy consumption not only helps reduce your expenses but also helps reduce your carbon footprint. Yet the biggest question hotels might have is, how do I know the solution is right for me?

During this virtual panel discussion, we will discuss:
- What are some challenges hotels currently face when it comes to energy savings?
- What are the main things that hotels should look for when sourcing for an energy solutions provider?

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Jul 22, 2021 05:00 PM in Singapore

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Saikrishnan Ranganathan
CEO & Co-Founder @SensorFlow Pte Ltd
Driven by the vision to mitigate global challenges, Sai has consistently worked towards engineering solutions that are practical, adaptable, and aligned with the immediate climate problems faced worldwide. One of the youngest thought leaders in the region, Sai was part of the Entrepreneur First cohort, where he built the technical expertise to transform SensorFlow as a viable business model, scalable across different markets. Sai also has a background in energy management and smart home automation and has worked extensively on energy monitoring solutions for schools, data centres, homes, malls and factories.
Jürgen Seidel
VP Technical Services @Absolute Hotel Services
A Visionary Engineer & Development Hotelier with over two decades of experience in Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, Europe and the Middle East, Jürgen has a profound and proven track record in Developing, Designing, Project and Managing luxury hotels and resorts technical operations from technical service, engineering, preventive maintenance and fire, life & safety aspects, since 1995. He specialized in energy and environment efficiency (eco and sustainability specialist - for building, MEP, transportation, water and energy efficiency/with solar, wind, bio matters, heat recovery, Tri-generation and thermal energy), working with ISO certification, ‘EarthCheck’ program, green leaf program, HACCP and other international certification processes (enabling bottom-line cost reduction through efficiency).
André Russ
VP Sales @EarthCheck
André manages EarthCheck's overall business development and engagement strategy across 70+ countries and territories. Working with a passionate team of tourism and activation specialists, he provides advice, vision, and implementation along with social activation that contributes to a location’s resilience. With a particular focus on green infrastructure, precincts, culture, and climate action, EarthCheck collaborates with its partners and networks to deliver cohesive and innovative solutions.