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Wednesday Webinar: Resonance, A Sleeping Giant
Resonance is a condition that is often misdiagnosed and commonly goes undiagnosed, resulting in persistent high amplitude vibration issues for long periods. Resonant excitation occurs when a forcing function (generated by rotating equipment) coincides with a structural natural frequency. This problematic occurrence typically results in highly directional vibration and increased amplitudes that can be difficult to resolve without the proper engineering approach.
Resolving structural resonance problems can be quite expensive when trial and error methods are attempted in the field (such as trying to stiffen or detune a structure). This webinar will focus on ways to identify structural resonance and how to eliminate the high vibration amplitudes that commonly accompany it without the guesswork.


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Glen Powell
Hydro Reliability Services Engineer @Hydro, Inc.
Glen started his career in the pump industry 8 years ago as a shop engineer for HydroAire SPR with a focus on pump rebuilds, repairs and engineering upgrades. He moved into a lead engineering role with the Hydro Performance Test Lab where he worked closely with customers to investigate and test problem pumps for the Nuclear (safety and non-safety related), Power Generation, and Oil & Gas industries. As a Reliability Engineer, Glen now supports all functions related to Hydro Reliability Services, the experienced and capable field engineering group from Hydro Inc. In daily practice Glen works with customers on field vibration testing, hydraulic testing, and pump improvement engineering. This includes troubleshooting pumps with excessive vibration, hydraulic performance issues, and reliability problems, and supporting customers around the world . Glen’s educational background includes a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree from Purdue University with a background in des
Kyle Bowlin
General Manager of Hydro Reliability Services @Hydro, Inc.
With 22 years experience in the pump aftermarket repair business, Kyle is a Category IV vibration analyst and travels the globe troubleshooting complex rotating equipment problems. Kyle serves as the principal resource for vibration analysis for Hydro and specializes in Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) and Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) testing. Kyle is the General Manager of Hydro Reliability Services. The Reliability Services division of Hydro provides field engineering support and troubleshooting services to customers across the world.