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IFPUG ISMA 18 Virtual

Jun 24, 2021 08:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Efficiency Management after COVID-19
Carlos Eduardo Vazquez
This presentation addresses the software development economic environment in the last decade and how it has changed the focus from operational efficiency to the next best thing at all cost. It depicts how function points have grown over the years to equate to estimation in software managers and developer’s mindset. Furthermore, discuss how function point misuse led to fallacies about its application in agile development. Finally, it presents function points as a pivotal role in governance and monitoring the productivity dimension of efficiency management at challenging times when it is unknown if there will be so much cash available for the next best thing.
The 7 Secrets of the IFPUG Function Points
Julián Gómez
Discover the 7 key points of function point methodology. These include product focus, use by the international community, improved communication between Business and IT, use of indicators to contextualize software developments, standardization of methods to enable comparisons and finally, certification.
Measuring Security Requirements Using Services
Fabrizio Di Cola and Domenico Geluardi
In the current scenario of the IT world, security is one of the preponderant factors in the development costs of many products, especially when it comes to software development. But how can we measure this software quality attribute? What portion of security can be considered part of the functional measure and what portion of a non-functional measure? By analyzing a real measurement scenario, we try to give an answer to this question by applying function point analysis and SNAP.