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Jing Culture & Crypto x Iconic Moments: Delivering The Museum Experience Through NFTs
NFTs represent more than tokens to be sold. Using Web3 technologies, cultural organizations can potentially embark on work from digital preservation to storytelling to community building. In this webinar, Iconic Moments and Jing Culture & Crypto will discuss how institutions can leverage NFTs to add value to visitor experience, boost audience engagement, and in turn enhance the museum offer.

Attendees will leave this webinar with an understanding of the deeper potential of NFTs, how museums can integrate this new technology into their existing digital strategies, and how the missions of cultural organizations can be enhanced by NFT and blockchain technology.


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Frances Liddell
Researcher, Writer, and Advisor
Frances Liddell, Researcher, Writer, and Advisor Frances Liddell is a researcher, writer, and advisor working at the intersection of museums, the arts, and Web3. Her PhD research explored the application of NFTs in museum audience engagement practices in collaboration with National Museums Liverpool and considered how blockchain disrupts digital ownership, authority, authenticity, and value. She uses her knowledge from this work to provide support and guidance to cultural organizations interested in exploring the Web3 space.
Diane Drubay
Head of Arts & Culture @TZ Connect / Tezos
Diane Drubay has been working towards the transformation of museums and the arts internationally since 2007 through various communities, conferences and change programs. Founder of We Are Museums, a community-powered think-tank on the future of museums which are good for people and the Planet. Visual artist nudging for nature-awareness and better futures. Web3 futures explorer and main advisor for the arts and culture for the Tezos ecosystem and the artist-led gallery alterHEN.
Chris Cummings
Founder and CEO @Iconic Moments
Chris is the Founder & CEO of Iconic Moments, the first NFT Marketplace for the Museum Industry. Prior to founding Iconic Moments, Chris founded Pass It Down, an award-winning digital exhibit design platform transforming how museums and cultural institutions engage their visitors.
Fei Lu
Fei Lu has written and produced multimedia events for Jing Culture & Commerce, exploring topics from NFTs to virtual environments.