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A Lovely A To Kill Your Spouse: a Tennessee Stage Digital Reading
Have you ever seen a Rom-Com, but the Romance is the backstabby kind, and the Comedy is the Dark kind? Yeaahhh...This is like that.

"A Lovely Day To Kill Your Spouse" shoves off as a romantic boat ride for the wealthy couple, Graham and Gloria... but we soon realize a storm is brewing below the surface. Cue the knives, sharks, family relations, blood, poison, theft, lies, stilettos, and yachts-- and you've got a perfectly lovely day....for murder.

The Play: "A Lovely Day to Kill Your Spouse"
The Playwright: Lindsey Brown of Auckland, New Zealand
The Cast: Gloria- Helena Jordan
Graham- Julio C. Toledo
Lucille- Bailee Burleson
David- Joe Filippone

Director: Fiona Soul
Technical Director: H. Caitlin Corbitt
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