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OTA Briefing on Organic Priorities for 2023 Farm Bill Fight
The Organic Trade Association is gearing up for the 2023 Farm Bill fight! The Farm Bill is an omnibus package of legislation that is renewed every five years. It sets the agenda for agriculture policy and spending for years to come and is critical to the success of the organic marketplace. As we head into the 2023 Farm Bill cycle, join OTA’s expert legislative staff to get an exclusive first look at the organic policy priorities in the trade association’s 2023 Farm Bill Platform. Because organic food and products start with the farm, OTA’s platform is based on extensive consultations and recommendations from our Farmers Advisory Council (FAC), one of the largest coalitions of organic farmers and farming organizations in the U.S. representing more than 8,500 growers across regions and crop types. We also hosted a series of workshops with nearly 300 certifiers, growers, consumer-facing brands, retailers, and non-profit organizations to determine policies that will support organic agriculture into the next decade and beyond.

The outcome? Policy priorities centered around ensuring responsive organic standards, thriving American farmers, and resilient organic supply chains. With a polarized Congress and the retirement of members who long championed organic, we have an uphill battle to safeguard the sustained growth of the $63 billion annual U.S. organic sector. Learn from OTA where and how your business can engage and what to message on organic priorities as we take the Farm Bill fight up to the Hill in 2023. Join the fight today to secure the global organic marketplace and bring further economic benefits to U.S. producers and their locally connected supply chains.

The briefing is 45 minutes and will be recorded. Register today to gain access to the recording when first made available on demand.


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Matt Dillon
Owner @Risk to Resilience Strategy
Kellee James
Founder & CEO @Mercaris Corporation
Britt Lundgren
Senior Director of Government Affairs & Sustainability @Stonyfield
Tom Chapman
CEO @Organic Trade Association
Peter Mihalick
Senior Director of Government Affairs @Organic Trade Association