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End of Lockdown? Adapting Emotionally to the “New Normal" – Biweekly Live Guided Imagery Meditation and Heart-to-Heart Talk With Dr. Emmett Miller
In many ways the lockdown has dislodged us from a familiar sense of ourselves and the rhythms of our usual activities and relationships. Now, looming in front of us, are the difficult contradictions posed by the challenges of how to enter the now very different and strange external world again.

Is it safe to go to dinner yet? Should we wear masks? Can we shake hands or hug people we haven’t seen for months? What do politics have to do with all this anyway?

A New Normal?

We are becoming aware we can't go back to how things were. We have to find a way to accept and survive and thrive in this new normal. The pressure of having to adjust to a panoply of unknowns is the very definition of stress. To relieve this stress there will be the temptation to return to old escape behaviors (anger, frustration, arguments, addiction), abusing ourselves and others (guilt, shame, blame, fear, anxiety,), or hiding (depression, withdrawal, despair).

In this week’s webinar we will explore some more positive alternatives. We have some new tools for harnessing the energy of stress and finding opportunities for growth and positive change in the future. These tools include entering the present moment through deep relaxation and meditative techniques, awakening Self-awareness and inner wisdom, envisioning our desired future, and creating that future through guided imagery.

Bring your questions and your dreams and let’s see what happens.

Upcoming Webinar Topics:

7/16/20 - The 6 Principles of Stress for Transforming and Harnessing Stress Energy for Peak Performance

7/30/20 - You are the Leader You've Been Waiting For

8/13/20 - Spirit-Based Healing

Suggested Donation: $0-$250 sliding scale. ** All topics and dates are subject to change.
Jul 16, 2020 11:00 AM
Jul 30, 2020 11:00 AM
Aug 13, 2020 11:00 AM
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