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Developing skillsets in the security sector: do security professionals know how competent they need to be? (Sponsored by Skills for Security)
In previous webinars we have witnessed discussions about the need for the security sector to upskill; a crucial step to earning more respect from its stakeholders. Some have noted that as security is a global activity there is merit in countries understanding the competencies needed at different levels and sectors and then uniting behind an agreed approach which could be understood by all. So far though attempts have been piecemeal. There have been more attempts to define security competencies – and there are a lot of them – than to build on them in any meaningful way. This webinar will discuss:

- How important is an industry/national approach to skills development? To what extent is this a prerequisite for offering a meaningful career development program for recruits?
- What are the best ways of developing skills across the security sector? Where are there opportunities?
- What are the roles, if any, of a Skills Body, trainers and professional development programs?

Jul 9, 2020 03:30 PM in London

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