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Robert Loves Opening 1NT, but What Comes Next?
Jan 12 - Modern 1NT Opening Bids
In modern style bidding, we want to open 1NT as often as possible and here we look at some nontraditional hands we consider NT openings

Jan 19 - Interfering with the Opponents’ 1NT Opening
We discuss the type of hands that want to compete over the opponents’ notrump. We also look at how conventional systems like DONT help us to do so.

Jan 26 - Rebids After Opening 1NT
This week we discuss bidding again after we open 1NT. We'll review what we do when partner bids, but focus on how we can further compete in the bidding if the opponents come in to our auction.

Feb 2 - Responding to 1NT with the Majors
After partner opens the bidding 1NT, our primary objective is to look for a major suit fit. Here we look at ways to do so and what to do with a large variety of different major suit shapes and strengths.

Feb 9- Responding to 1NT with Shapely Hands
Some of the most difficult hands to describe, when responding to 1NT, are shapely hands. We'll discuss what to do with weak, shapely hands and how we will need some conventional bids/agreements to describe these hands and keep the auction below 3NT.

Feb 16 - Responding to 1NT in Competition
We look at how to deal with the opponents‘ competitive bids after partner opens 1NT. We'll focus on the meaning of Double and also look at how we use 2NT as a conventional bid (Simple-sohl).

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