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Short Story Fest - Write Like the News
Lead with the future -- not background. That’s the most important of 8 journalism skills that will transform how you write and place your short stories. The others: write your readers’ language, be positive (to be both clear and upbeat), lay out logically, be consistent, be precise, be concise (short stories as concise stories) and choose strong verbs. Highlights: lead in a crisis, correct errors the correct way, choose between raw numbers and a ratio and write around generic “he.” (Plus a Speak Like the News skill: avoid “uptalk?”)

Emulate the vivid news examples you’ll see in this workshop, and you’ll strengthen your writing voice with lively, engaging news style. We’ll critique TheWallStreetJournal.com homepage, seeing how to communicate your main point in just a few words. Then we’ll talk our way through the workshop booklet, emphasizing reasons, not just rules, for your writing choices. To cover as much ground as possible, we’ll have just a few writing exercises and most of them will take less than a minute each.

"Concise as news, precise as law” is the goal, building on the many values of conventional business writing. Preview “lead with the future” at hankwallace.com/crisis-communication.html , “be consistent” at writer.org/x/lc-content/uploads/2020/06/Hank-Wallace-One-Word-per-Meaning.pdf and how you'll learn at hankwallace.com/PDF/TrainLiketheNews.pdf .


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