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Navigating TikTok in a Positive Way as a Family (Bring Your Students)
Navigating TikTok in a positive way as a family (Bring your students)
Join us for this LIVE event as it will be taught by real students and experts to show your family how to navigate this popular app. We can’t avoid TikTok, so let’s learn how your students can be safe on it while using it together as a family.

Instead of telling your students what to do, bring your students to this event so we can learn how TikTok can be fun, educational, and safe for the whole family. This event is the perfect way to get students and parents on the same page, reduce arguments, and strengthen their understanding of this popular app.

We will cover many positive aspects of TikTok and help students understand how to use it safely in a way that will support their future goals.

Sample topics we'll be covering:
-You have heard in the news that TikTok can be a security risk. This event will share important safety and security tips your family needs to know
-Your students are glued to the screen, we will share ways to balance screentime use on TikTok
-Instead of telling students what not to do, we will show examples of people who are using TikTok positively

Register for the best date/time that works for your schedule. If you miss the event you can always watch the replay here: https://smartsocial.com/post/tiktok-app
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Josh Ochs
Author and Founder @SmartSocial.com
Josh Ochs teaches students and professionals how to thrive online so their school/employer will Shine Online™. Josh’s 6 online safety books are available on Amazon and his message teaches parents, students and professionals how to use social media with a purpose (instead of a pastime)