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IPTC Photo Metadata Conference 2021

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Santiago Lyon
Head of Advocacy and Education @Content Authenticity Initiative / Adobe
Santiago is Head of Advocacy and Education for the Adobe-led Content Authenticity Initiative, a major cross-industry project fighting misinformation through robust metadata establishing the origin of photos, video, and other file types - and the changes that may have been made to them prior to publication. He has more than 35 years of experience in photography as an award-winning photojournalist, photo editor, media executive and educator. As a photographer for Reuters and the Associated Press he won multiple photojournalism awards for his coverage of conflicts around the globe. In 2003 he was a Nieman Fellow in journalism at Harvard University before being named Director of Photography at the Associated Press, a position he held until 2016. Under his direction the AP won three Pulitzer Prizes for photography as well as multiple other major photojournalism awards around the world. He was Chair of the Jury for the 2013 World Press Photo contest.
Kate Sherwood
Photographer @Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History
Kate Sherwood is a Biological Anthropologist and Photographer, which has led them on field expeditions around the world and on hundreds of photoshoots of human skeletal remains related to prehistoric and historic archaeological contexts and forensic cases for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History (NMNH). Since 2017, Kate has produced over ten thousand images documenting the Smithsonian’s collections, exhibitions, museum staff, and research, which have been featured on the front page of The Washington Post and appeared in The New York Times, NPR, and many other news outlets and scientific publications. As a disabled photographer, she strives to increase the accessibility of museum collections and research, especially for those who have been historically marginalized.
Rachel Comerford
Senior Director of Accessibility Outreach and Communication @Macmillan Publishing
Rachel Comerford is the Senior Director of Accessibility Outreach and Communication at Macmillan Learning where she leads cross-functional efforts to ensure students of all abilities have access to their course materials. In 2020, BISG awarded Rachel the Industry Innovator award for her work helping Macmillan Learning to become the first Global Certified Accessible publisher by Benetech. Under her leadership, Macmillan was recognized by WIPO’s Accessible Book Consortium with the International Excellence Award for Accessible Publishing in 2020 for their work towards providing educational materials that any student can use. Rachel has over a decade of experience in the print and digital publishing world. Prior to coming to Macmillan Learning as an editor, she held a variety of editorial and sales positions at WW Norton and Pearson.
Jon Sasala
President @Morey Creative Studios
Jon Sasala is president of Morey Creative Studios, a New York-based HubSpot Partner Agency specializing in inbound B2B marketing, content development, web design, lead generation and sales support. He joined the Morey team in 2001 as a graphic designer, and has grown with the organization throughout the last two decades to his current position. Jon heads the HubSpot User Group for New York City and hosts the ‘Inbound & Down’ podcast. In addition to his agency responsibilities, Jon co-founded InclusionHub.com, an online database, resource nexus, and community designed to help businesses make better decisions around web accessibility and digital inclusion. Closely connected with the design, programming and content side of web development—coupled with a comprehensive understanding of business operations—he has a unique perspective on the importance of web accessibility for companies operating in the digital world.
Cailin Meyer
Museum Collections Technician @Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History
Cailin Meyer is a Collections Technician at the National Museum of Natural History. Working with all types of natural history collections, Cailin specializes in disaster response and training, biohazard concerns, and increasing digital accessibility for individuals in museum spaces. Cailin is a co-chair of the Smithsonian Institution’s DEAI working group, and actively works to increase resources for and understanding of digital accessibility concerns amongst Smithsonian staff. She has most recently tackled the unique issue of designing image description guidelines geared towards scientific and natural history specimens, working alongside Kate Sherwood and Rebecca Snyder. Cailin’s background is in zooarchaeology, human and comparative anatomy, and dissection techniques. She earned her MA in Museum Studies from University of Kansas, her MA in Zooarchaeology from Illinois State University, and her BFA from Rhodes College.
Rebecca Snyder
Informatics Branch Chief @Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History
Rebecca Snyder is the Informatics Branch Chief at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution (SI). Rebecca is responsible for the digital stewardship and preservation of collections and research data. Recent projects include the application of persistent identifiers for SI collections data and media, the Smithsonian Open Access initiative where she was responsible for designing the data flows between all SI collections systems, assisting in the development of a system of record for 3D data, and data quality improvement projects adhering to FAIR data principles. She is also a member of the Audubon Core data standard maintenance group, focusing on creating standards for the sharing of 3D data.
Caroline Desrosiers
Founder & CEO @Scribely
Caroline Desrosiers is the Founder & CEO of Scribely, a company on a mission to make images and videos more accessible to blind and visually-impaired people and more discoverable to search engines. Scribely’s team of expert writers specialize in writing alt text for images and audio description for videos, helping digital media providers create born-accessible visual content for a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world. Before starting Scribely, Caroline worked for a global academic digital publisher, SAGE Publishing, where she led a working group to improve the accessibility of interactive eBooks. Caroline is also the Co-Host of Say My Meme, a podcast that describes the internet's best memes for people who cannot see them.
David Riecks
Co-lead, Photo Metadata Working Group @IPTC
David Riecks is the co-lead of the IPTC Photo Metadata Working Group. He founded ControlledVocabulary.com to help others build keyword hierarchies for describing images, and increase findability in digital asset management (DAM) systems. Riecks serves as the Chief Technical Advisor for the PLUS Coalition and formerly chaired committees on digital photo standards for the Stock Artists Alliance and American Society of Media Photographers With these groups he also helped found the Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines and the Photo Metadata website. Riecks was first involved with IPTC when he volunteered to help revise the standard for use with Adobe's new XMP format; and ended up authoring the first ever "User Guide to the IPTC Core" as well. In recognition of his years of work to further photo metadata standards, he was named as a "Pioneer of Digital Preservation" by the Library of Congress in 2009.
Michael Steidl
Co-lead, Photo Metadata Working Group @IPTC
Michael Steidl is co-lead of the IPTC Photo Metadata Working Group, along with David Riecks. Michael is now an Honorary Member of IPTC, having been Managing Director of IPTC from 2003 through to 2018. Michael has 30 years of experience with information technology for news as a consultant to news providers. He also worked as journalist and managing director for news agencies.
Andrew Kirkpatrick
Director of Accessibility @Adobe
Andrew Kirkpatrick is Director of Accessibility at Adobe. Andrew and his team define Adobe's overall strategy for accessibility, attend to accessibility issues with product teams across the Adobe product line, and work with customers and standards groups, including representing Adobe on the accessibility-focused committees at the FCC, the United States Access Board, ETSI, and the World Wide Web Consortium. Andrew served as co-chair of the W3C's Accessibility Guidelines Working Group and is an Editor for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 standard.