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Build IT LIVE Trailers: What's Trending in Trust sponsored by Huntress
Top Topics:
Living Off Trusted Sites
Living Off the Land
Windows File Integrity
+ MORE!!

Get a sneak peek at the Build IT LIVE sponsors and what they're planning for the 3-day, action packed show on July 27-29, 2022 in Jersey City, NJ. We will be giving away some fun prizes, having some laughs and maybe even squeezing out some spoilers from our awesome cast.

Don't forget to register for the event at https://buildit-live.net/


Sponsored by Huntress
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Juan Fernandez
Brand Ambassador @Build IT by Design
John Hammond
Senior Security Researcher @Huntress
John Hammond is a cybersecurity instructor, content creator, red teamer, and Capture the Flag enthusiast. As a previous Department of Defense Cyber Training Academy curriculum developer and teacher for the Cyber Threat Emulation course, he educated both civilian and military members on offensive Python, PowerShell, and other scripting languages as well as the adversarial mindset. He personally developed training material and infosec challenges for events such as PicoCTF, the "Capture the Packet" at DEFCON US, and the HacktivityCon CTF with HackerOne. John speaks at security conferences such as BsideDC, to students at colleges such as Clemson University and the US Coast Guard Academy, and other events like the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge/KringleCon. He is an online YouTube personality showcasing programming tutorials, cyber security guides, and CTF video walkthroughs. John currently holds the following certifications: Security+, eJPT, eCPPT, CEH, PCAP, OSWP, OSCP, OSCE, and OSWE.