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Journey to the Future - Emerging Tech Driving Business with Purpose
AI - Entrepreneurship - Sustainability
How can Emerging Tech Drive Business with Purpose?

Dec 9th 2021
12:00-13:00 pm CET (noon)

Our goal with the series "Journey to the Future" is to discuss with thought leaders and decision-makers, creatives, industry leads, and political shapers.

Join Pascal Morgan as he taps into the minds of fellow futurists, technologists, researchers, and designers to find out how we can shape a better future.

✨Future Life.
✨Future Society.
✨Future Technologies.
✨Future Cultures.
✨Future Generations.

by think.speak.transform.
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Claudia Pohlink
Head of Artificial Intelligence @Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories
At T-Labs, Deutsche Telekom's research unit, Claudia leads the Machine Learning team and successfully combines theory and practice. Her team mainly focuses on the use of AI methods such as machine learning in network-relevant use cases, in the field of cyber security as well as across the board in the research field of Quantum Computing. As co-founder of #startupnight, #DigitalWanderlust, and #AI4DiversityHackathon, she strengthens the transfer of science to business. She is a board member of the AI Working Group at BITKOM e.V. and was awarded Global Women Leader in AI in 2019.
Kenza Ait Si Abbou
AI Innovation Executive @IBM
Kenza is a global citizen, who lived on three continents, who finds the biggest joy in learning new languages and cultures. After spending three years developing hardware in Spain and a stopover in Shanghai during the World Expo in 2010, she joined T-Systems in Berlin as an IT Project manager. Kenza has a track record managing big projects, such as ICT outsourcing tenders, agile transformations, new IT applications, or designing a new network architecture for Deutsche Telekom. As a Senior Manager for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, she was driving the RPA and AI solutions within the IT department of Deutsche Telekom, leading the Deutsche Telekom Women Network in Germany and proudly acting as a Deutsche Telekom ambassador of Women in Technology. Now newly at IBM, her design thinking facilitation skills and her motto "common sense is not common" help her stay customer-focused, enabling a user-driven innovation!