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An IT Pro’s Guide to Enabling a Multi-Monitor Workstation: MST, DisplayLink, or Thunderbolt?
In this 30-minute in-depth technical session, you’ll hear insights from StarTech.com’s top experts to help you decide which adapter or dock technology is best for your multi-monitor deployment. In addition to discussing how MST, DisplayLink, and Thunderbolt work, we’ll also cover key considerations such as video performance, display resolution, quantity of monitors, and device/OS compatibility requirements.


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Jeff Sullivan
Director of Content and Community @StarTech.com
Jeff Sullivan is the Director of Content and Community for StarTech.com. In his nearly 30 years in the IT Industry, he has held roles in areas such as support, consultation, sales engineering, and marketing. After working the majority of his career with two of the largest IT corporations in the world, Dell Technologies and IBM, Jeff’s experience and knowledge of virtually every aspect of the industry gives him a unique understanding of IT professionals and their tech needs. Jeff has a passion for online community building and making sure that content and product information created for the IT pro is done right - precise, relevant, and concise.
Malcolm Donaldson
Technical Content Specialist @StarTech.com
An expert in IT solution building, Malcolm Donaldson has been in the IT industry for over 17 years, providing critical technical support and creating educational resources for IT professionals around the world. As StarTech.com’s Technical Content Specialist, Malcolm combines his love of technology and mind for writing clear and concise copy to develop educational and engaging content, including FAQs, info briefs, blogs, and videos. His ability to troubleshoot, educate, and connect has allowed him the opportunity to work with IT professionals across industries, taking tips and information along the way to expand his knowledge and expertise.
Michael Munn
Research & Development Specialist @StarTech.com
Michael Munn is a Research and Development Specialist at StarTech.com, with 16 years of experience in IT product development and verification. In his role today he is responsible for the research and development of new technologies, with a focus on docking station solutions. Collaboration with internal and external partners such as IT industry standard bodies (VESA, USB-IF, Thunderbolt) and integrated circuit suppliers has made him an expert in IT product performance and development. He keeps his finger on the pulse of the IT industry and its latest advancements by constantly exploring new and emerging technologies.