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World Environment Day: How big are the risk from climate change & how can we effectively mitigate these risks?


Jun 5, 2021 03:50 PM

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Johannes Ackva
Researcher @Founders Pledge
Johannes has dedicated much of his adult life to the topic of climate change. From a teenage environmental activist to a climate policy expert advising major EU decision makers, Johannes is committed to solving the problem of global energy poverty, while simultaneously reaching net-zero emissions and protecting our planet. Prior to joining Founder Pledge, Johannes spent five years working in a think tank advising decision makers on climate policy, and conducting academic research into the intersection between effective and feasible climate policies. Leading the climate research at Founders Pledge, his research has been featured in Vox and he is a regular speaker at Effective Altruism events on climate, including EAGx Global Virtual and the International Effective Giving Day. He has been advising many organizations in the Effective Altruism / effective giving space, including Alpenglow and Effektiv Spenden, the Climate Subak and Future Cleantech Architects.
John Halstead
Researcher @Forethought Foundation
John is a researcher at Forethought Foundation focusing on climate change. Prior to that he was Head of Applied Research at Founders Pledge, a philanthropic advisory service tech entrepreneurs, and a Research Fellow at the Global Priorities Project. He has a DPhil in political philosophy from Oxford and has published on a range of topics including philosophy, economics and climate change.