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How to avoid paying the ransom even during a breach
With 83% of ransomware cases now involving data theft to increase leverage, businesses need solutions that will secure their data, even during an attack, to avoid paying the ransom. Join Calamu and special guests from TechWerxe and Axis Group as we explore today’s proactive solutions to combat ransomware.

What we’ll cover: 

- How ransomware is evolving in 2022 including a deep dive on data theft and extortion tactics
- How to avoid paying the ransom even during a breach
- How to keep data accessible during an attack


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Paul Lewis
CEO and Founder @Calamu
Paul is a serial cybersecurity entrepreneur with more than 30 years in the industry. Formerly the Founder and CEO of PG Lewis LLC, a cyber security and data forensics company that was strategically acquired by Robert Half International (NYSE:RHI), and the Founder and CEO of MC2, a data security company that was strategically acquired by Volt Information Sciences (NYSE:VOL), Paul's been granted numerous patents to advance data privacy and protection and is a court-appointed expert in data security and incident response.
Sejal Lakhani-Bhatt
CEO @TechWerxe
TechWerxe CEO, Sejal Lakhani-Bhatt, is an engaging professional speaker that delivers actionable talks for private company seminars and large-scale events. Sejal speaks on various cybersecurity and information technology topics to educate and empower businesses to keep their company safe. She also delivers motivational keynote presentations about her personal journey and transformation after the tragic loss of her husband and business partner.
Ranjan Sinha
President @Axis Group
Ranjan is responsible for Axis Group technology partner relations, business development, product innovation and sales. Under his direction the company has grown to lead the market in delivering Analytics Enablement®.
Amelia Foss
Sr. Marketing Manager @Calamu
Amelia has close to fifteen years of experience in security technology with particular focus on data privacy and protection and is passionate about helping partners and businesses stay secure against the ever-evolving threat landscape.