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TM webinar on Why ESG: A Governance Perspective
This webinar looks at Governance matters because investors care about it and draw a strong correlation between ESG performance and corporate risk management. Good governance will ensure a brand’s business practices are ethical, transparent and accountable. This creates long term value to businesses which in turn attracts investors who want to avoid excessive amounts of risks in their investments. Key priorities for achieving positive governance comprise:
- Make up of the Board of Directors (expertise and experience wise, balance of genders and representation from diverse ethnicities, etc.)
- Too many cooks in the kitchen that may cause conflicts of interest among stakeholders
- Legal compliance as in how businesses adhere to government regulations, which includes company code of conduct/ethics, anti corruption, anti bribery, whistle blower policy, labour policies, etc.
- Corporate policy: Is your brand acting ethically in the initiatives it pursues and policies it creates?
- Executive compensation

Mar 28, 2023 10:00 AM in Kuala Lumpur

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