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Protecting your Supply Chain for the Future - steps towards a sustainable supply chain
Will your supply chain handle the industry pressure and future regulations for greater transparency?

Whilst complete BOMs help to combat the increasing costs threatening a resource-efficient value chain, how will your brand handle the pending audits, certifications and regulations in a data saturated landscape & what tools are imperative to survival?

We cover this and more.

In this webinar you will discover how to:

*Create a system of transparency for your supply chain

*Determine which tools will best support your brand's digital sustainability

*Why collaboration will be the make or break of fashion brand survival.

*How your data of today can protect your supply chain of tomorrow


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Jessi Walker
Content Manager @Delogue PLM
Jessi has been working with the fashion industry for the past 7 years before joining Delogue PLM as Content Manager in 2021.