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Evolving Impact Investing to meet Today's Challenges in Every Community
Although the discipline of values-based investing, widely known as Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), has been an option for investors for decades, many are still unaware of the evolution of the guiding vision behind impact investing to address the greatest challenges of our time. In order for our communities to achieve environmental resilience, inclusive economic development and cultural evolution, multidisciplinary leaders at all levels will need to reimagine and restructure financial tools and capital market instruments for all types of projects. This next step in the development of our financial institutions is absolutely crucial to build on the gifts of our past and shape the new emerging framework. All types of investors must coalesce around principles that have been with us for millennia; the same principles that dictate a natural order have the power to build long-term profitable companies, positive economic returns for investors, resilient communities, and sustainable ecosystems. Join us for an engaging webinar series with some of the leading minds in the space to expand the conversation and build solutions and tools for investors in every community.

EPISODE 1 - July 2nd
What does a 21st Century Capital Market Look Like?

EPISODE 2 - July 9th
"Investing in 100% of Humanity"

EPISODE 3 - July 16th
Infrastructure, Housing and Inclusive Economic Development

EPISODE 4 - July 23rd
Forest Resilience to Housing: Economic Pipeline Financial Innovation

EPISODE 5 - July 30th
Food and Agriculture Systems Transformation and Rural Inclusive Development

EPISODE 6 - Aug 6th
Infrastructure Finance

EPISODE 7 - Aug 13th
Water Resilience Systems and Finance

EPISODE 8 - Aug 20th
Green Bond Market Development

EPISODE 9 - Aug 27th
Working Landscapes and Economic Development Frameworks

EPISODE 10 - Sept 3rd
Inclusive Economic Development and Novel Investment Structures for Underserved Communities
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Hazel Henderson
Founder & CEO @Ethical Markets
Erika Karp
Founder & CEO @Cornerstone Capital Group
Karl Burkart
Managing Director @One Earth