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FCG WEBINAR - Contemporary African Fashion: Bridging Tradition + Modernity
Speaker: Waridi Wardah & Rabi Yansané

As African fashion is flourishing, how do contemporary African designers thrive on being very ultramodern by using traditional techniques?
Waridi from FA254 and Rabi from Taabara give insights into the African fashion scene and show possibilities for cooperation.

The Webinar will be divided into a presentation- and a Q&A part.
Language: English
Duration: approx. 1,5h
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Waridi Wardah
Founder @FA254
Waridi Wardah is a Kenyan-born former top model based in Berlin and the CEO of Fashion Africa 254. Her journey from East Africa to the greatest fashion podium in New York and London is a bright illustration of how talents from the continent can grow and succeed in the fast-paced fashion industry. With FA254, Waridi wants to contribute her knowledge and expertise to her home continent. Her ambition is to draw a path that would drive Africa's force, broaden the way to more positivity and self-belief, all of which will lead to a durable change.
Rabi Yansané
Founder @Taabara
Rabi Yansané is a Guinean-Senegalese, Paris-based fashion observer and entrepreneur. She worked many years as an intercultural language consultant in Germany, and alongside independent fashion designers in Japan, Senegal, and France. In 2017 while living in Tokyo she pivoted in her career to build her own company specialized in a responsible intersectional fashion. She first became a branding adviser for small Japanese fashion and lifestyle brands aiming to develop their businesses in Europe. This was the first step towards her current project: in 2020, she founded TAABARA, a fashion curation and distribution company between African countries and Japan, building a bridge between them. Since early 2021, she became involved as external consultant at FA254.