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The Win Win Webinar Series
We are proud to present this monthly webinar series relating to macroeconomics, global finance, US real estate, the mortgage lending industry, seasoned whole loan investments, and managing opportunities in distressed debt (NPL).

Developed by Bill Bymel, an active mortgage investment manager and author of WIN WIN REVOLUTION, each episode offers interviews and panel discussions with industry experts, visual presentations, and the latest data that will inform and educate you on the real estate mortgage industry, both as an investment class and "bell weather" for the greater economy.

Live attendees will participate in an extended Q & A session and gain perspective from investors, analysts, and service providers to residential real estate and the mortgage lending and servicing business. Whether you are an LP investor considering allocation to private debt strategies or if you already have made an investment in real estate debt and are considering your options going forward, this series should provide valuable insight into the state of residential and commercial real estate markets as well as words of caution as you look to navigate the asset class in a post-Covid environment. For service providers and managers of real estate or mortgage assets, this series will provide perspective from established leaders in their field. Topics will cover both residential and commercial asset classes of real estate.
Oct 11, 2022 12:00 PM
Nov 8, 2022 12:00 PM
Dec 13, 2022 12:00 PM
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Bill Bymel
Founder @First Lien Capital LP
Bill Bymel carries two decades of real estate and mortgage finance experience. He literally wrote the book on distressed residential note investing in 2017, WIN WIN REVOLUTION. Bill is the founder and partner of RSI Asset Management and Retail Sites International, both Florida-based real estate advisors to the residential and commercial retail real estate industry. He joined Spurs Capital in 2011 where Bill remains an advisor and signatory to three active investment vehicles. In 2020, Bill founded First Lien Capital LP with a focus on investing in residential and small balance commercial distressed mortgages.
Mike Mangione
Director @Group RMC USA
Bob Repass
Managing Director @Colonial Funding Group, LLC