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Designing a Secure Cloud-Enabled Peer-to-Peer IoT Application
Fact: IoT solutions don't have to be complex, costly, or impractical.

This complimentary 60-minute webinar presents a clear, easy-to-understand explanation of the considerations and steps necessary to build a peer-to-peer application that fulfills key objectives, such as security, extensibility, and low latency, as well as quality of service requirements, such as reliability and scalability.

IoT experts, Adam Mitz and Justin Wilson, provide an inside look at the application's architecture, which employs the open source OpenDDS project and its features, including XTypes, DDS Security, and the RtpsRelay, then share their experiences implementing a similar real-world solution for a client, proving that it's possible to satisfy critical business requirements while minimizing complexity and costs.

The following topics are covered in this webinar:

• Application Requirements
• Design Alternatives
• Solution Overview
• Solution Detail
• Lessons Learned
• Conclusions

Presenters Adam Mitz and Justin Wilson are both highly respected subject matter experts with years of hands-on experience designing and building solutions that help companies in all industries economically reimagine connectivity and data distribution.

Technical managers, business analysts, system architects, security architects, development team leads, and others interested in technical solutions that reduce operating costs, improve reliability and responsiveness, and simplify troubleshooting and system maintenance are encouraged to attend.

No programming experience is necessary to gain value from this talk.

Jul 9, 2021 10:00 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)

The OpenDDS Foundation oversees software roadmap and development, best practices and processes, repository control, documentation and support, and fundraising related to the open source OpenDDS project.
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Adam Mitz
@Object Computing, Inc.
Adam Mitz is a Partner at Object Computing and Director of Interoperability for the DDS Foundation. With more than 10 years of experience on DDS, Adam leads the OpenDDS development team and consults with OCI clients that are building distributed applications using the OpenDDS implementation. He also delivers OpenDDS training classes and participates in the maintenance of DDS specifications at the Object Management Group.
Justin Wilson
@Object Computing, Inc.
Justin Wilson, Ph.D., has 10 years of industry experience that encompasses server-side applications, big data, analytics, IoT, and cloud engineering. He has been working on and with OpenDDS for the last 6 years. His interests include programming models for reactive systems and distributed systems analysis and engineering.