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The Company of Wolves | Capitol Connection webinar
Some people want wolves shot dead. Others want not a single finger laid on them. To Nancy Warren, though, most people fall somewhere in the middle, wanting to protect this almost-mythic keystone species but also wary of its predatory nature.

Warren said when it comes to managing this predator in Michigan, it's a balancing act. She should know. She is the executive director and Great Lakes regional director of the National Wolfwatcher Coalition. This nonprofit uses science and democracy to educate and advocate for the long-term recovery and the preservation of wolves.

Warren has put her group's mission to action, playing an instrumental role in forming Michigan's last two wolf management plans. Thanks in part to these plans, wolves went from nearly extinct to stably in the hundreds.

She believes the brand-new iteration of the plan to be sound, despite fears of free-for-all wolf hunting or mass killings of livestock. Join Warren as she shares the history of wolves in our state, how they impact ecology and society, and what the latest wolf management plan means for its namesake animals, you, and Michigan at large.

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