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Syncro - Open Office Hours with Crystal, Tatyana, Brandi, and Jana
Hey folks - We will be hanging out for an hour doing Open Office Hours if anybody wants to stop by and hang out. We are happy to chat about:

- Any questions about Syncro and how to use it
- See how easy it is to migrate from your current RMM/PSA
- What's been released recently
- Tell us your success story
- How to get up and running with Syncro
- Interactive Q & A with your peers
- See some functionality and features that you might not have seen before
- Hear how other MSP’s are implementing Best Practices in Syncro
- We have lots of current Syncro users sharing tips and tricks in Syncro

Hope to see you there!


Crystal Henkle
Tatyana Korovnik
Brandi Crown
Jana Gaytan
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