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In the Trenches with Inventors - The Battle to Save Patents
PTAB – Hear From Actual Inventors The How & Why Their Patents Were Invalidated

If you miss the Live WebCast you can view the final video on our USInventor.org website as part of our Video Series called 'In the Trenches with Inventors'
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David Furry
Many toxic gases and other pollutants like greenhouse gases can't be seen by the naked eye. So how do you determine if they are being emitted? There has been a technology in use to detect gas leaks, called “sniffers,” but this requires excessive time and manpower, and provides limited results. David Furry invented and patented the solution – Optical Gas Imaging that actually allows the user to see the gas leak. The use of David's invention lowered the level of Ethylene in the air in Houston by 60%! Find out about this technology and what happened when a large corporation decided to just take it.
Patrick Buckley
Patrick Buckley has 9 patents on inventions in different areas. One of his very successful inventions was the first low-cost smartphone virtual reality viewer that could be used with all smartphones. In creating this invention, Patrick solved problems that others couldn't, including engineers at Google. He licensed it and all was well, until they changed their mind and decided to use the PTAB against him. Join us and find out what happened.
Ron Williams
Ron Williams invented Cablz, an eye wear retainer that is snag-proof, more adjustable and more secure than the competition. He came up with the invention after his eye wear retainer snagged while he was driving and he almost ran over someone. The invention became a huge success, and then Ron found it being copied by large corporations. Find out what happened when Ron tried to use his patent rights to stop the infringers.