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How to develop career guidance in communities?
Lives are lived in communities, small or large, supportive or hindering, practical, personal and professional. It’s a fact!

Communities are there and decisions regarding our lives are entangled in many communities for each and every one of us. Maybe you chose to become a career practitioner, career researcher or policy developer because of communities?

Rie Thomsen will share insights from her practice based research on Career Guidance in communities with adults and young people. Results of the research serves as a base for the development of a reflective model for career guidance in communities.

In her presentation Rie asks how career guidance interact with the everyday lives of people and their communities. Based on her book Career Guidance in communities she discusses the possibility to frame guidance as part of a community and not as an activity separate from it.

Career Guidance in communities can be considered a social practice theory which advocates changes in perspective from the individual to the collective as the starting point for the development of guidance activities.

As resources for guidance in many countries are suffering from cut backs discussions on how to invest resources become increasingly important. Engaging in existing communities and creating flexible forms of career guidance activities that allows for adaptation to meet the diverse needs of different communities might be a way forward. Also allowing the participants to influence the guidance process, so that they, together with the guidance professional, set the stage for new collaborative modes of delivery.

Professional Standards Competency - Career Development Theory, Technology, information and resources

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Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, ACT - 19:00
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Mar 17, 2022 07:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Rie Thomsen
Professor @Aarhus University, Danish School of Education, Career Guidance Unit
Rie’s research revolves around lifelong career guidance practices and policies with a special interest on social justice and on the role of communities and in organizational and leadership aspects of career guidance provision. Furthermore she has a strong interest in creating an inspiring environment for interdisciplinary research in Career development Guidance. Rie Thomsen is an experienced partner of several international projects; NICE, VALA and ECADOC. In 2012 she published the book Career Guidance in Communities. and in 2013 she was awarded with the national guidance award for her research and its usefulness for practice.