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STEM: Taking Innovative Learning Into the Future
Almost every school has some sort of STEM program these days. So what makes it so important, and should it be more than just an afterschool program to enhance traditional classes. Join us as we look at the innovative approach Bloom KKCA Academy takes in integrating their unique STEM program into the core curriculum.
We'll hear from Mei Chen, NASA Engineer and Head Advisor of STEM and ESC Program. She'll share how her unique background sets the STEM program at Bloom KKCA Academy apart from other STEM programs.
Our second panellist, Andrew Kwan, is a pioneer in applying technology to improve education and the School Supervisor for Bloom KKCA Academy. He will share how he sees Bloom KKCA Academy preparing children for the future.
Last but certainly not least, we will hear from Renée Boey, Founder and Head of Bloom KKCA Academy! Renee will share with us all the exciting growth Bloom KKCA Academy has seen in the last year and the incredible success they've had!
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Andrew Kwan
School Supervisor @Bloom Academy
Andrew is a pioneer in applying technology to improve education. He is the founder of two education platforms: Outwhiz and Edore. He is also President of the Stanford Club of Hong Kong and an Advisory Council Member of the Stanford Bing Overseas Studies Program. Andrew holds a BA in Economics from Harvard and two MS degrees from Stanford.
Mei Chen
Head Advisor of STEM and ECS Program @Bloom Academy
Mei is an accomplished scientist and engineer who has over a decade of industry experience at Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Lockheed Martin, and NASA. Mei is also a Google Certified Educator with over 15 years of teaching experience. She completed her BS in Computer Science at UCLA and MA in Software Engineering & Management at Carnegie Mellon University.
Renée Boey
Founder and Head of School @Bloom Academy
Renée has pioneered innovative learning and entrepreneurship education in Hong Kong for the past decade. She founded Baker and Bloom, a K-12 organization that fosters creativity and helps students achieve academic and admissions success. Renée holds a BA in English from Harvard, an MPhil from Cambridge, and a PGDE from HKU. Before launching Bloom KKCA Academy, Renée completed training at Harvard’s The Principals’ Center.
Ruth Benny
Founder @Top Schools
The founder of Top Schools, Ruth has over 26 years’ experience in the education system in Hong Kong. She has the advantage of many years in different areas of education – as a teacher, a teacher-trainer, a parent and now a consultant. Ruth writes and speaks about private and international schools for parents, corporations and other groups. She is a frequent contributor to local media including the SCMP, Playtimes and Sassy Mama and is generally regarded as the go-to expert on this topic.